Winding Ribbon

Law library metal wall treatment

Federal Courthouse, Seattle, WA

Winding Ribbon

A wall installation outside the Law Library of the Federal Courthouse, Seattle. A GSA project. 9’ X 30’ of cut metal imagery with a patina surface. The piece marks 1855, the year when the following occurred: David Douglas, 19th century British naturalist, roamed through the forests of the Pacific Northwest, collecting seeds and specimens and sending them back to Kew Gardens, London. While contributing vastly to the understanding of the region, he unintentionally furthered the decline of the old growth forests and native species.   In this art piece, saw blades, plants such as deerfoot, salal, lupine, crabapple, douglas fir, and big leaf maple represent this phenomenon .

Also 1855 saw the enactment of the treaty that created the reservation system affecting the local Native population. Referencing that culture changing event, some of the metal pieces are etched with words of the treaty, as well as the X’s which tribal leaders used to sign their names.

The title, The Winding Ribbon, suggests the present moment is forever entwined with the past.


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