Nectar Corridor

3 projects for Valley Metro Light Rail

Phoenix, AZ - 2016

Artwork for the 19th and Northern Rail Station

Aluminum parts set in rough terrazzo.
Stainless steel with etched surface and patina.
Mild steel, cut and painted

Lace-like painted metal panels are paired with inset terrazzo  “rugs” to create intimate seating on the rail station platform.  The imagery pays homage to the intricate workings between pollinator animals and the plants they depend on.

Cut stainless steel panels overlay the platform fences at each end of the station. Their decorative etched surfaces of grocery store flyers and camouflage imagery are a reminder that human activity and sprawl are the cause of rampant loss of crucial desert habitat.

Among the platform images can be found the following local plants and animals: saguaro cactus, saguaro beetles, hawk moth, queen of the night cactus, mesquite, bees, bats, agave, roadrunner, tortoise, & tarantula.


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